Youth Mindfulness
Kids Program

16 One-hour Lessons

The Youth Mindfulness Kids program is a 16-lesson introduction to mindfulness
for 8 to 12 year olds, with a strong emphasis on experiential learning.
It’s 16 one-hour lessons build up sequentially, introducing and exploring new
facets of mindfulness with each lesson.

The first six lessons focus on cultivating the foundational axioms of mindfulness:
intention, attention and attitude. As the course progresses, children then learn to
cultivate gratitude, handle difficult thoughts and emotions, and finally develop
kindness towards themselves and others.

Importantly, the key foundations of mindfulness – i.e. paying attention to the
present moment with openness, curiosity and warmth – are continually
strengthened throughout all 16 lessons.

Program 16 Lesson

LESSON 1 – Training the Mind
LESSON 2 – Introducing Attention
LESSON 3 – The Benefits of Breathing
LESSON 4 – Allowing and Letting Be
LESSON 5 – Beginner’s Mind
LESSON 6 – Willpower
LESSON 7 – Being Grateful
LESSON 8 – Appreciating Others
LESSON 9 – Learning Resilience
LESSON 10 – Mindsight
LESSON 11 – Building our Kindness
LESSON 12 – Being a Good Friend
LESSON 13 – Be an Everyday Hero
LESSON 14 – Kind Action
LESSON 15 – Looking Back
LESSON 16 – Looking Forward


What is Mindfulness?

——– green_lotus ——–

Mindfulness is a way of training the mind to be present. It is a secular meditative
practice, which involves paying attention to what is happening as it happens, and
doing so with an attitude of kindness, acceptance, and non-judgment. As such,
cultivating mindfulness results in greater self-awareness, and enables us to
become more joyful, more empathic, and more resilient. We can learn to
respond with greater wisdom and flexibility to difficult emotions and
experiences, and learn to live with greater happiness and vitality.