Positive, Peaceful, Productive

Are you wanting to Empower and Inspire your Pupils and Staff to create a Positive, Peaceful and Productive Classroom?

The Yoga4Classrooms program provides children with important skills they can
use in and out of the classroom and it supports school goals by promoting
movement, social and emotional skills, and learning readiness.


Simple, Affordable, Sustainable

Yoga4Classrooms is a low-cost, simple, effective, and sustainable school
program, grounded in mind-body practices and addressing the whole child by
fostering students’ physical and psychological wellbeing.

Yoga4Classrooms is anchored in well-validated classroom pedagogies,
developmental science, cross-sectional research in cognitive affective
neuroscience, psychology and character-building discussion points such as the
power of positive thinking, nutrition, and being a peacemaker, address the whole
child – physical, social and emotional, while improving learning-readiness –
making this the most comprehensive program of its kind.

Yoga4Classrooms is easy for students to use, and helps to create a more
harmonious, learning-friendly school day. And its benefits go well beyond
the classroom.

Y4C provides children with important skills they can use in and out of the
classroom for life long health and well-being. Absolutely anyone can use and
benefit from the Y4C program – teachers, students, parents and therapists.

Y4C is a program originally developed by Lisa Flynn to fill in the gaps, and simply
and practically address the needs communicated by teachers, administrators
and parents.