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Luna Surya Joy

Luna Surya Joy is the founder of the Young Yogis® Academy and the creator of
the Yogadance® Kids Method. She has been a primary school teacher for 15+
years, both in mainstream as well as Waldorf education. She is a certified Kids
Yoga Instructor, Teacher Trainer and Well-being Educator and has been teaching
Yoga and Mindfulness to children 3-13 yrs for more than 5 years.

Luna teaches Star Yogis (5-7 yrs) – Super Yogis (8-10 yrs) – Tween
Yoga (10-13 yrs) – Teen Yoga (14-18 yrs) Beginners Level and she teaches in
local primary schools and nurseries.

Lila Schwair

Lila Schwair has a passion for young people. Through her talks, yoga and
mindfulness classes she teaches them tools to overcome destructive thought
patterns and behaviors and inspires them to take responsibility for all areas of
their lives (education, career, health, relationships, finances and personal
After having struggled a lot in her youth with depression, self harming and
addictions, Lila has – over the years – developed many self empowering tools that
she now wants to pass on to young people, so they can increase awareness and
develop their lives into their fullest potential.
Lila offers classes and programs in Secondary Education, Colleges and
Educational Centres in the Community.

Lila teaches advanced level of Teen Yoga (14-18 yrs) at her home and
all levels in Secondary Education, to both Students as Staff members. She gives
Workshops and Motivational Talks on Happy & Healthy living

Jo Ellams

Jo is fabulous with children and totally loves them. Her whole life has been
devoted to them. She started working with them as a teenager when she was
doing overnight babysitting. She studied Child Care to deepen her understanding
and effective support of healthy development in children. With all the lifting and
carrying, she hurt her back. To heal her back issue, she got involved in yoga, and
found it life transforming. Funshine Yoga is a merging of the two loves in her life:
Yoga and Children. She trained with Birthlight and Yogadance Kids to be able to
work with babies from 6 weeks to teens. She now runs a range of Funshine Yoga
classes in East Grinstead and would be happy to welcome you.

Jo teaches Story Yoga for Pre Schoolers (3-6 yrs), Baby Wrigglers (6 wks-crawling) and Star Yogis (4-7 yrs) classes.

Andi Jaffay

Andi lives and breathes dance, yoga and storytelling and her biggest inspiration
is the imagination of children. Having spent many years studying and working in
Community Development, Art Therapy, Dance, Thai Yoga Massage Therapy and
Childcare, Andi reached a crossroads as to what could evolve next… until she
happened upon the Yogadance® Kids Teacher Training, which perfectly weaves
together her passions for dance, yoga and storytelling.
Alongside other dance projects, Andi teaches Yogadance, is currently studying
an MA in Dance Anthropology and is a proud Mamma to two beautiful children.

Andi teaches Mini Yogis (2-4 yrs) / Star Yogis (5-7 yrs) and
Super Yogis (8-10 yrs).

Ina Florence

Ina Florence is passionate about health and holistic lifestyles, and loves making
yoga fun and accessible for children. Her ethos is that we are never too young to
start enjoying yoga, and her Mini Yogis class for toddlers is all about encouraging
little ones to move, explore and stretch while gaining confidence through familiar
stories, songs and lots of lovely bonding time with their grown up.
In her classes, Ina draws on her own background of experience with both yoga
and children. While she has been practising yoga for over 20 years, she also has
many years of classroom experience as a fully qualified primary school teacher,
and has completed the Yogadance® Kids Teacher Training twice (because she
enjoyed it so much!), and has been teaching yogadance kids classes for 2 years.
Ina is also currently studying to become a Hatha Yoga practitioner.

Ina teaches Mini Yogis (2-4 yrs) – Little Yogis (4-7 yrs) – Kids Yogis (8-10 yrs) –
Tweens Yoga (10-13 yrs).

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