Half Term Yoga Camp


Half Term Yoga Camp Special:

Yogadance, Handstand Workshop, Partner / Acro Yoga  and Aerial Yoga with Luna Surya Joy, Kirsten Germann and Joanna Ellams


Date / Location / Time / Price

Garden Room @ Community Centre in Forest Row 
(Yogadance | Partner & Acro Yoga | Handstand Workshop)

Peredur Centre for the Arts, East Grinstead
(Aerial Yoga)

What | When | How Much?

Yogadance – 6-12 yrs | £12  – Monday 22/10 – 10.30-12pm
Handstand Workshop – 6-12 yrs  | £12 – Tuesday 23/10 –  3-4.30pm
Partner & Acro Yoga – 6-12 yrs | £12 – Wednesday 24/10 –  11-12.30pm

Or £30 for all three above workshops.


Aerial Yoga – 6-9 yrs | £14  (50 min class) – Thursday 25/10 – 3-3.50pm

Aerial Yoga – 10-16 yrs | £16  (60 min class) – Thursday 25/10 – 4-5pm

(for Aerial Yoga, please book separately on Aerial Yoga page)

Pre-booking is essential.


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Class Name
Half Term Yoga Camp

Class Description

A 4 day Yoga Camp with the possibility for your children 6-12 yrs to do a:

1 Yogadance Class in which the children will learn how to choreograph a dance with Yoga Poses together to cool and fun music. Enhances creative bodily expression.

2 Handstand Workshop in wich we will use yoga poses to help us build up to conquer a full handstand. Great confidence booster!

3 Partner / Acro Yoga session in which they will have fun practicing yoga poses together and expand their skills with the more acrobatic poses. Cool, fun and develops courage, trust, cooperation, coordination and strength.

4 Aerial Yoga in which the children get the wonderful opportunity to fly by exploring yoga poses in their silken hammock in the air.


Additional information

Yoga Camp

Yogadance, Handstand Workshop, Partner Acro Yoga, Aerial Yoga 6-9, Aerial Yoga 10-16, Pay £30 for 3!