Booklet – Dancing with Children


Dance games encourage and develop Creativity, Physical Coordination, Self-esteem, Sociability and Self-expression. We highly recommend integrating them into your Kids Yoga Sessions.
It is a great gift to children to offer a space where they can explore free movement expression to music, no steps or poses to learn, and experience the sheer joy of that!

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In this book you’ll find a wide collection of creative and fun dance games and exercises.
Playing dance games is all about having fun and experiencing the sheer joy of moving and interacting with others. They are non-competitive and encourage children to use their imagination and express themselves without words through using their body. Where the yoga mat gives the children a defined space to practice where they can just focus on themselves, the dance invites them to interact, connect, explore boundaries and share the space with others that goes beyond them selves and their mat.
Dance Games can be used in a kids yoga session, the classroom, during PE (Physical Education), in the playground or in a music lesson etc.