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Welcome to Yoga Story Library, your place for finding new Yoga Stories or inspiration for your Kids Yoga Classes.
Being a Kids Yoga Instructor, Teacher Trainer and a Mum, l know all about the time consuming effort of typing up that lovely Yoga Story you just found or taught and would like to file for future yoga sessions so you won’t forget. That’s why you’ve come to the right place. I have typed up many yoga stories and will add new ones weekly to keep your collection fresh and up to date. You can choose among a wide diversity of creative and fun stories from all over the world, from all times and for all ages, from Tots to Tweens: classic tales, fairy tales, wisdom stories, picture book stories, seasonal stories and home made stores ‘magicked up’ into Yoga Stories for you to use in your classes.

A Yoga Story is the mayor part, the heart of your Class Plan. Ideas for Warm Up Games or Relaxation Vacation you all find in the Teacher Recourses. Here is the place for only Stories: all Poses, Dances or Games you can do are underlined and typed in colour. Sometimes you’ll find music suggestions. For a description of the suggested Yoga Dances go to Teacher Recources and find the Document: The Yoga Dances.
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‘Once upon a time ….’


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