1 Day Workshop – How To Help Children Relax And Be Mindful? – 19 May 2019


For Kids Yoga Teachers, Schoolteachers and Parents

9.30am-4 pm

Location: St. Peter’s Church Hall, Vicarage Drive, Kinver, South Staffordshire, DY7 6HJ

Early Bird rate till 31 March 2019

To guarantee and secure your place, please book in advance.

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1 Day Workshop – How To Help Children Relax And Be Mindful?

For Kids Yoga Teachers, School Teachers and Parents


In the morning you get to learn and explore different ways of helping a child to relax.  There are so many beautiful, playful and age appropriate ways of ‘Going On A Relaxation Vacation’ with children.

Whether this is in the classroom, a kids yoga class, in the bedroom before going to sleep or even in the living room after a busy day at school. Helping children to come back to themselves, giving them tools for how to self regulate and find back their calm are very powerful skills for life. They are simple yet so profound.

We will explore different relaxation- and breathing games and techniques, including Visualisation and Yoga Nidra.


In the afternoon we’ll explore different ways of training the mind to become present and focused and how we can practice with our children in a playful and lighthearted way.

  • How can we help children develop an understanding of how the mind and brain works
  • How do we help them understand the secret of where our thoughts come from and how they make us feel worried, anxious or stressed.
  • How can we explore with our children what inside ourselves can notice and welcome everything going on inside and outside and develop present moment awareness as a result.
  • How can we help children develop a strong sense of who they really are underneath all the mental noise.
  • How can we help them getting a sense and feeling of their true nature so they will uncover their innate strength, self-confidence, resilience and feelings of inner calm and peace.

The day is packed with fun games, exercises and visuals and will give you all the tools you need to make Relaxation and Mindfulness fun and relevant for children.


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1 Day Workshop - How to help children relax and be mindful?

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