1/2 Day Workshop – Conscious Parenting, Leicester UK – 14 April 2019


For ALL parents and in particular for parents with children who struggle with anxiety, depression or children with some kind of special need.

Morning Workshop: 9.30-12.30am

Afternoon Workshop: 2-5pm

Location: The Botanic Gardens – Knoll Main room & Ballroom –  Glebe Rd, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 2LD

To guarantee and secure your place, please book in advance.

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1/2 Day Workshop – Conscious Parenting – Transforming Ourselves, Empowering our Children, Restoring Love

How to use Yoga, Mindfulness and Awareness to become the most Conscious Parent we can be?

Includes practical ideas and tools to assist with anxiety, sleep difficulties and emotional management.

Also includes access to video’s and other materials you can use with your child after the workshop.


This workshop is designed for ALL parents and in particular for parents with children who struggle with anxiety, depressing or children with some kind of special need.
Luna is co-facilitating this workshop with Claudine McLaren, mother of beautiful son Rowan who is in the autistic spectrum, (kids) yoga teacher and founder of Sunshine Light Yoga. She will share her own experiences and parenting journey as well as very helpful relaxation tools.


On this day we will explore questions like:

  • Are you constantly triggered by your child’s behaviour?
  • Are you fed up and tired with pointless power struggles and hearing yourself yell at your kids?
  • Are you feeling helpless where it comes to helping your child unplug from social media?
  • Are you feeling a lack of connection with your child?
  • Are you dealing with a child who is anxious or depressed?
  • Would you like to help yourself and your children relax and feel more connected, calm, peace, joy and creativity?


Then this Introductory Exploration is for you!

Becoming a fully conscious parent is the greatest gift we can give our child.

Our children can be our greatest teachers. The very behaviours that push our buttons – refusing to cooperate or ignoring our requests – can help us build awareness and shed old patterns, allowing us to raise our children with greater ease and enjoyment.

This exploration will show us how the challenges of parenting can become a great opportunity for spiritual awakening:


A certain child enters our life with its individual troubles, difficulties, stubbornness and temperamental challenges in order to help us become aware of how much we have yet to grow.

The reason this works is that our children are able to take us into the remnants of our emotional past and evoke deeply unconscious feelings.

To understand where our own internal landscape needs to develop, we need look no further than our children’s gaze.

Our children come to us so we may recognize our psychic wounds and call up the courage to transcend the limitations these wounds place on us.

In this our children are our allies, as they repeatedly mirror aspects of our unconsciousness, giving us opportunity after opportunity to awaken from slumber.


‘We often discover that the child we have

 is the one who can teach us the most.’


Susan Stiffelman

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1/2 Day Workshop Conscious Parenting

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