Classes and Programs we offer in Primary Schools

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Yogadance® Classes outside the classroom for children 4-13 yrs within school time.


Youth Mindfulness Kids Program for the Classroom for children 8-12 yrs.


Let’s face it: life has become more and more challenging to most of us. The amount of responsibilities, workload and information feels as it would never end.

Stress, burnout and fatigue are ever more common words in our vocabulary.

At the same time emotional reactions such as violence, bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, self-harming, sex abuse and addiction to video games and the internet can be observed almost anywhere.

Yoga and Mindfulness can be a very powerful tool to help with those issues. It works on a physical, mental and emotional level and reflects on the social behavior as well.

Yoga and Mindfulness promote cooperation and respect towards others as well as self-acceptance and self-esteem, resulting in a more peaceful way of communication with peers and authorities.

Above all, yoga and mindfulness give the opportunity to get in touch with one’s inner Self, allowing more clarity of mind and emotional ease and consequently, bringing more happiness and peace into one’s life.

The Gifts of Yoga and Mindfulness for Children

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Yoga and Mindfulness help children:

Stay strong, fit & flexible

With children’s bones growing fast, the muscles have to be exercised in
order to keep up with the growth of the bones. For children, movement is
critical for health and wellbeing and for development and learning.
Doing yoga and dance helps children become stronger and more flexible in
their body’s which positively impacts on how they think and on their
learning abilities.

Learn with Ease, Confidence and Discipline

Doing yoga and movement helps children become more aware of their
bodies and movement possibilities. The ability to focus in movement helps
the mind to focus. Developing core strength and feeling confident in their
bodies gives their general self-confidence an immense boost.

Be Friends, Play and Have Fun!

Doing yoga and dance creates a space for the children where to connect,
share and have fun with each other in a non-competitive way. It is all about
making yoga and mindfulness fun and playful, using a story, their
imagination and creativity. Connecting and having fun with each other
makes them feel happy and good about themselves and each other!

Stay Cool, Relax & Release

Numerous studies have illustrated how children are unable to focus and
learn when their bodies and minds are in a stressed state. Doing yoga and
movement helps children reconnect the body/mind and release tension
and stress. It helps them to self regulate as they get more in touch with
how they feel and what they need.
Age appropriate breathing and relaxation techniques reset the nervous
system and leaves them feeling calm, grounded and refreshed.

  • We absolutely love the yogadance sessions in our nursery. The children are looking forward to it every week. As soon as the ‘Tingsha chimes’ make their magical sound the children seem enchanted. The door of their imagination is unlocked and they enter a world of story, adventure, singing, rhyme and all that whilst they move and explore their bodies, do yoga and lots of movement to music. We can recommend this to all nurseries who would like to give their children the gift of storytelling and yoga inspired movement. It leaves them nourished and more happy and calm throughout the rest of their day.

    Jo Bate (Manager of The Windmill Nursery)
  • Our children love receiving a short yoga session during their PE lesson. During those 15 minutes they explore their body and energy when going through a yoga sequences, It’s great how it leaves our pupils more warmed up, open, energized yet calm and focused. It also seemed to have helped our students with developing more strength and flexibility, not only physically but also mentally. We had no idea how powerful the effects of such seemingly simple exercises can be. It’s also good to know yoga prevents injuries doing PE and sports.

    Catherine Greenwood (Teacher at Montessori Farm School ‘Trefoil’)
  • We have had the benefit of Yoga classes taught weekly by Luna over the last two years, as part of our Curriculum Enrichment Programme. Children in Years R, 1 and 2 have really enjoyed this experience and teachers have reported calmer and more settled children following the sessions.

    Ann Williams (Head Teacher Forest Row Primary School)
  • In the busy action-packed school week, the luxury of having half-an-hour of quality relaxation time, learning breathing techniques through Adventures with a story or theme, movement exercises, songs, music, dances and games has been enjoyed by the children as well as the staff who join in. The children are taught in small groups to make the most of the personal attention on offer, and I can highly recommend Luna’s patient, calm and consistent approach, even with the wriggliest children!

    Ann Williams (Head Teacher Forest Row Primary School)

Yogadance® Sessions
in Nurseries / Day Cares

Yogadance® Classes with Storytelling Yoga, Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Movement and Music for children 0-7 yrs are a great experience for both children and staff!

Baby Yogis (0-2 yrs)
Mini Yogis (3-5 yrs)

Secondary Education /
Colleges / Educational Centers

Yoga Mini Breaks for students

Short yoga sessions during the school day, at breakfast, lunch or after school time for students to refresh, recharge, find inner calm, concentration and focus.

Yoga classes for youth sport teams

Classes designed for students who practice different types of sports, in order to increase strength, flexibility, willpower, endurance, body awareness and alignment.

Yoga Breaks for Teachers and Staff

Short yoga sessions for staff members to release stress and tension, boost energy levels and clear the mind during the school day, at breakfast, lunch or after school time.

Motivational Talks and Coaching

● Adopting Healthy Habits
A one hour and a half lecture showing the benefits of switching to a healthy living style, both for one’s body and mind as – ecologically speaking – for the planet.

● Healthy Nutrition
A series of one hour lectures showing how we can slowly but surely improve our nutrition by choosing foods that are beneficial both for our body and mind.
This series of lectures can be adapted as being part of a health coaching program for groups.

● Addictions – what are they?
A one hour and a half lecture showing the different kinds of addictions, both to substances (alcohol, drugs, sugar and junk food, tobacco, prescription drugs, etc.) as behavioral (sex abuse, video games, internet, co-dependency, shopping, gambling, stealing, etc.).
This lecture can also be adapted as part of a support coaching program for groups of people who want to free themselves from an addiction.