Become a
Yogadance® Kids
Teacher Trainer

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Training Dates:

25-29 May 2020 and

26-30 October 2020


Have you been teaching for a while and do you feel you have been building tons of valuable experience and now feel ready to teach others HOW TO TEACH?

Whether you feel the tiniest spark or a straight forward BIG YES to this question, stick around because we have the most wonderful and unique opportunity in store for you in 2020:

Luna Joy, Founder of YYA and Creator of the Yogadance® Kids Teacher Training and Method will be facilitating a 5 Day Intensive Trainer Programme at her own house, a dream venue right by the beach in Isla de Altea, Spain

Yes! 2 min walk from beach Solsida and a swimming pool in the garden…

To give you a first impression of the beauty of the area in which you could receive this one of a kind and very unique training and certification:

Isla de l’Olla

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This is the stunning view from the  training venue balcony:
Isla de l’Olla… you can swim to this island and
snorkel all the way round it!

Your accommodation:

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Share a spacious and light 4 bedroom / 3 bathroom apartment with your fellow students or alternatively, bring your family on a holiday.

Kayak Club and beach town Altea

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Isla de Altea is a 5 min drive from the charming and creative beach town Altea…
A 5 min walk from the apartment and training venue is a small harbour where
it is possible to rent kayaks…

Swimming Breaks:

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A cooling swimming break is just what you need during a 5 day intensive training. On one side of our venue we have the Mediterranean as an option to take a refreshing dive in, on the other side we have the swimming pool. We won’t get overheated, that’s for sure! Also wonderful and very suitable for small children as the swimming pool has got a toddler pool too.

The 5 Day Intensive Trainer Programme gives you:

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  • 5 Days of intensive training at Luna’s house by the sea in Altea, Spain
  • During 5 days you’ll receive in depth training of the highest quality on how to be the best Teacher Trainer you can be, using the Yogadance® Kids Teacher Training Template, Method AND all Training Content.
  • After attending the full 5 days you will be a fully qualified Yogadance® Kids Teacher Trainer and you will be licensed by Young Yogis® Academy to train where ever you are in the UK or the rest of the World using the Yogadance® Kids brand and method.
  • By being a YDK Training Licensee or Ambassador, you will be able to use ALL YDK Intellectual Property / Training Material for your students , which at the moment consists of:


  • Comprehensive Student Training Manual (150+ pages)
  • Kids Yoga Alphabet, 150+ Kids Yoga Poses A-Z (photos + description of the poses and teaching tips coming with every pose) 
  • Yogadance® Kids FLAME book: Class suggestions for children 6-12 yrs (100+ pgs)
  • Training Playlist of 21 music tracks and 10 original Young Yogis songs.
  • 12 Yoga Story Plans for ages 3-12 yrs.
  • All other digital additional training material








Your Benefits as a Trainer:

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  • As a trainer you will be able and allowed to use the trademarked name ‘Yogadance® Kids’: however, you can trade with this training under your own business name: e.g. if your business is  ‘Yoga Butterflies’, you’ll be offering the Yogadance® Kids Teacher Training under that umbrella. Just like the Academy is offering the YDK Teacher Training under the Young Yogis® Academy umbrella.


  • As a fully qualified trainer,  your planned trainings will be listed on and promoted by the Young Yogis®Academy website, a very vibrant website with daily subscribers and visitors from all over the world.


  • As a fully qualified trainer you will receive 4 post-graduation FREE coaching hours, powerful sessions that help you grow and ground into your new role as a Teacher Trainer.


  • As a fully qualified trainer you will have lifelong FREE access to all YYA learning recourses: Yoga Stories from the Yoga Story Library and PDF Booklets on different Kids Yoga topics to support you on your journey.


  • As a fully qualified trainer you will receive 50% discount on ALL Young Yogis’ 1 Day ‘Top Up’ Workshops running throughout the year in different locations of the UK or Spain.


  • As a fully qualified trainer you will be able to use the Young Yogis Academy Logo in order to liaise your own yoga business to the Academy. In other words, on your flyer or website you will be able to show your business is liaised to the Young Yogis® Academy, showing the logo.


The 5 Day Intensive Training Programme will have limited space for 6 kids yoga teachers maximum.


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In order to qualify for this unique and high quality programme:

  • You have to be a qualified yoga teacher OR schoolteacher
  • You have to be a qualified kids yoga teacher
  • You have to have at least 3 years of experience in kids yoga teaching
  • You have to feel a great passion for teaching

We can be flexible with a few of those prerequisites because of very unique individual circumstances.

E.g. you have many years experience as a kids yoga teacher, you have years of dedicated yoga practice behind you but you just never got round to become a qualified adult yoga teacher.

Do contact Luna when in doubt. We can look into your personal situation.



‘Be One Of The Lucky Three And Receive The 3 Day Yogadance® Kids Teacher Training For FREE!’


Even though it is not a prerequisite to have participated in the 3 Day Intensive Yogadance® Kids Teacher Training, it is highly recommendable to do the training before participating in the 5 Day Intensive Trainer Programme.

We want to offer this training for FREE for three lucky already certified kids yoga teachers who’d like to participate in the 3 Day YDK Teacher Training when PACKAGED WITH THE PRE-COMMITMENT / PAYMENT of a non-refundable deposit of £500 for the 5 Day Intensive Trainer Programme.


Your Investment

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  • Invest in yourself and your own career by taking your kids yoga teaching business to the next level.
  • Create a lifetime of opportunity and possibility by making your kids yoga business sustainable and creating value for others by DOING WHAT YOU LOVE and what you are good at!  In your own pace, when and where ever you like! On your terms and under guidance of Luna.



The value of the Yogadance® Kids Train-the-Trainer Programme is £5500
This includes accomadation, licence, all above mentioned training material and the training itself.

Receive a £250 discount when securing your space with a deposit of £500 before 31st of January 2020.

Your total investment therefore will be: £5250 (till 31st of January 2020)

Your full Investment in this Programme will be £5500 from the 1st of February 2020.

After completion of your training, as a fully qualified and practicing trainer, 5% of licencee fee of your total training profits is fed back into the Academy.

The Yogadance® Kids Teacher Training at the moment is worth Full Price £525  and Early Bird £475.

Playing with some numbers and doing the maths will show you how you can earn your investment back within one or two trainings.

Your investment will not only help you take your kids yoga business to the next level and create immense value for your future students but also help reach even more children together than we already do! The more teachers with this kind of Awareness worldwide, the happier and healthier our children will be.

It’s worth it!