The Young Yogis®
Academy is an

Classes and programs for young yogis 0-18 yrs in primary and secondary education, nurseries and the community

The International 3 Day Intensive Teacher Training Course for school teachers, yoga teachers, parents, therapists and al people and professionals who’s work supports the well-being of children.

An E-learning platform providing online courses and products from Kids Yoga Teachers and other Professionals worldwide.

The Academy is based in Forest Row, East Sussex, UK and grew out of Yogadance® Kids, founded in April 2014 by Luna Surya Joy.
Its passion and mission is to empower children and young people with tools for a happy and healthy life in a hectic, fast paced and stressful 21st century lifestyle, through using Yoga and Mindfulness.

With it’s programs and trainings it also supports school teachers, yoga teachers, therapists, parents and all people and professionals whose work supports the well-being of children, in how to integrate yoga and mindfulness into their work and life with children.

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if
we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall
have to begin with the children.”

Mahatma Gandi

“There Are Two Gifts We Should Give Our Children,
One Is Roots, The Other Is Wings!”

Deepak Chopra


Children might feel overwhelmed on a daily basis. Many children today are
suffering from a lack of connection to their bodies, to their environment, and to
themselves. Our fast paced, information-saturated and stimulus-rich culture
pulls kids in many directions, splitting their attention. For many children, it has
become too much for their young, developing minds to absorb and process.

Yogadance® Kids is a method in which the practice of yoga and movement
are blended into a magical language that children can engage and have fun
with and benefit from physically, mentally and emotionally.

Yogadance® Kids is created to bring kids together on the magic mats.
It is designed to create a space where joy, connection and playfulness can be
experienced through yoga and movement and where children have the chance
to reconnect with their bodies and themselves.
In a Yogadance® Kids class we train the mind by practicing mindfulness, which
means paying attention to the present moment, cultivating awareness and
acceptance of all that we experience, free of judgment through age appropriate
and playful breathing and relaxation exercises.

The Yoga Dances

Do Your Yoga, Dance Your Yoga

In a Yogadance® Kids Class we don’t only DO yoga, we also DANCE our yoga.
A Yoga Dance is doing a yoga pose or a sequence of several yoga poses blended
with dance movements, performed to music that fits the theme like:

Yoga Frog Dance Yoga Shimmy Dance Yoga Cat Dance Yoga Fish
Dance Yoga Namasté Dance Yoga Snake Dance Yoga Warrior Dance
and many, many more

For all animals and everything else a Yoga Dance can be created.
To every sequence of yoga poses a dance can be choreographed.

In the 3 Day Intensive Teacher Training Luna teaches her students how to design
Yoga Dances but as well the children in her classes come to a point where they
can design their own sequences and dances.

Coming Soon: Yoga Dances Video’s that show you what Yoga Dances look and feel like!



Do Your Yoga, Tell A Story

In a Yogadance class we go on an Adventure with a Story or a Theme. The story
is acted out with yoga poses and yoga dances.
There are stories about animals and hero’s, wisdom stories from different
cultures, fairytales, children’s classics, popular picture book stories, seasonal
stories, Aesop’s animal fables, topical and home-made stories. Sometimes
stories are being created together with the children on the spot.
Have a look in our Yoga Story Library – Once Upon a Pose and in the Web Shop
for inspiration!

Yogadance® Kids Classes are based on a multi-sensory approach
to learning.

Through all the senses, imagination, movement, play and fun children explore,
develop and discover their qualities, strengths, flexibility, stamina, body
awareness, self-confidence and self-respect and inner tools to help them self
regulate so they can feel calm, grounded and good about themselves.

In the 3 Day Intensive Teacher Training Luna teaches her students how to find age appropriate yoga stories, how to tell a story in an engaging way and how to act out yoga poses or yoga dances within the yoga story.



Big Or Small, Short Or Tall, Yoga Is Good For All!

The benefits of doing yogadance are multiple, it will:
Help children in their physical, mental and emotional development
Improve their social skills as well as their fitness levels
Spark their imagination and help them learn through play and fun
Develop learning-readiness
Help them discover inner tools to express themselves and self regulate
Benefit children with educational needs
Improve concentration and the ability to relax by releasing tension.

Yogadance® Kids classes are non-competitive and non-judgmental and help
children to feel accepted and to be kind and respectful with themselves and
each other.

concentration and the
ability to relax by
releasing tension.”

——– yellow_lotus ——–