Luna Surya Joy

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Luna Surya Joy is the founder of the Young Yogis® Academy and the creator of the Yogadance® Kids Method.
Luna is a fully qualified Primary School Teacher – Mainstream and Waldorf – a (Kids) Yoga Teacher, a 200hr Yoga Elder registered with IYN (Independent Yoga
Network) and a fully trained Biodanza and VitalDanza® Facilitator for children and adults, Teacher Trainer, Profound Wellbeing Practitioner, Transformative Life Coach and Functional Nutritionist.
She developed the Yogadance® Kids Method and Teacher Training Course based on her 20 years of experience in working with children in all kinds of settings, as a Class Teacher, a Dance Teacher for Children/Adults, a Kids Yoga Teacher, and as a Project Manager and Educator working in a Social-Educational Project for children working in the streets in Nicaragua, Central America.

Luna Surya was born in Perth, West-Australia, grew up in Holland, lived for 10 yrs in the UK with her husband and daughter and now lives in Spain.
Luna uses yoga, dance, meditation, mindfulness, energy work, gratitude and the ‘Inside Out Understanding of Life’ to maintain balance in her life.
It is her passion and mission to guide children, inspire her students and coach her clients to live a life of health and wellbeing.

“Be happy, be you, be free”

“I suffered PVS/ME for several years in my teens. I heavily struggled and
stumbled my way through my twenties and thirties with severe health,
social-emotional and energy issues. The dance helped me through my
twenties but it was only in my late thirties that I discovered the
powerful tools of Yoga, Mindfulness and Energy Work. Together with
changing my diet drastically, those practices have helped me finding

my own rhythm and way of life after feeling lost health wise for so
many years. It helped me respect and love myself and my own specific
needs to feel happy and healthy. It helped me recover, rejuvenate,
getting strong and living my fullest creative potential.
They helped me be happy, be me and be free!”

Luna S. Joy

Because of this experience I asked myself
some questions:

What if we can avoid our children growing up feeling burn out trying to function and survive within a system and society that might not be healthy for them?

What if we can avoid them feeling disconnected, overwhelmed and confused about what on earth they are doing here?

What if we could help them remember the magic powers and unique gifts and talents they carry inside?

What if we could give them a map that helps them navigate their inner world and how to use their inner recourses?

What if we could teach them techniques and tools that help them stay centred and focused?

What if we could show them ways that help them stay connected to themselves and live an authentic life?

At the Academy we believe the time has come to use and unite our skills, knowledge and deep love to teach the children of our modern time the ancient movement and energy techniques and practices available now that help us stay healthy, strong, positive and balanced in our hectic, fast paced and stressful 21st lifestyle.

The challenge is to make it fun, cool, relevant and accessible for them.

How do we make yoga
and mindfulness relevant
and fun for children and
young people?

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It’s like offering them a plate with healthy super foods.
They will only eat it when it tastes nice!
Yoga and mindfulness with children is offered in a light hearted, highly creative, playful, colourful and age appropriate way without losing the profoundness of the practices. The children themselves often become co-creators of the classes.
Yoga for children and young people is often combined with all sorts of other disciplines so Yoga becomes Yogadance, Yoga Gym and Acro Yoga.

We use Yoga, Mindfulness, Energy Work, Dance, Music, Storytelling and Games to help them find that special place where they can be themselves, be creative, express and connect with themselves and their friends in a fun, safe and non competitive space.
At the Academy we work with a great, passionate and talented bunch of people and it is our mission to empower children and young people in our lives with tools for a happy & healthy life and help them learn and love through yoga and mindfulness.