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of children and young people through yoga and mindfulness

Our children come with unique gifts
and dreams to this world

——– yellow_lotus ——–

We believe it is important to support them in living their fullest potential. It is our passion and mission to empower children and young people with tools for a happy and healthy life in a hectic, fast paced and stressful 21st century modern lifestyle.

If you share our passion for supporting children and families develop wellness through yoga, mindfulness and awareness, we are here to support you.

Learn how to share the powerful benefits and gifts of Yoga and Mindfulness with children and young people in your work and life.

One big breath can change everything!

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At Young Yogis® Academy we believe doing breath work is key to developing
children’s mindfulness and wellbeing.

One big breath will allow a child to calm the nervous system
One big breath will help a child to relax mentally and physically
One big breath will teach a child to pause before committing to words and actions

Download your FREE 50 Big Breath Exercises from our Big Breath Book and start today!

Namasté Yay!

International 3 Day
Intensive Yogadance®
Kids Teacher Training

Organise a training worldwide and
receive yours for free!

For Parents, Yoga Teachers, (pre)School Teachers,
Therapists and everyone with a child-focused occupation.

  • Best training ever! 3 days of fun, learning and therapy! So glad to have been part of it and to have met such special people. Luna we love you! Thank you!

    Vivien Panagou
    Vivien Panagou (Graduate Yogadance® Kids Teacher Training)
  • I really enjoyed organising the Yogadance® Kids Teacher Training in Holland in October 2014. It was a great success with 12 participants, now certified to teach Yoga & Mindfulness to Children and I got my training for FREE! It was very compatible with my daily work. Luna is easy and inspiring to work with.

    Maaike Dijkstra
    Maaike Dijkstra (Organiser + Training Participant Holland)
  • What an inspirational and beautiful course. Taught with passion and love – brought sheer happiness, confidence and friendships.

    Caz Walkling
    Caz Walkling (Graduate Yogadance® Kids Teacher Training)
  • I loved the training from start to end! It was fun from the word go. We laughed, we cried, we opened up. Luna creates a happy and secure environment, where everyone feels good about them selves. Thank you!

    Ruth Balcombe
    Ruth Balcombe (Graduate November 2015)